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Knowing whether or not you are ready for a dating relationship cannot be overemphasized. Many people in dating relationships today are not ready and even if they are, they may have the wrong approach or mentality causing them to fall in and out of uncountable dating relationships with bitterness, hurt, regret, self-pity, heartbreak, abuse, wasted time, resources the list goes on. Consider a few points to guide your knowledge of your readiness.

1.Having a good self-esteem

Self-esteem is your sense of real worth and personal values. It’s impossible to express good self-worth in a dating relationship when your values are not defined. Love your neighbor as yourself (Mathew 22:39). As the scripture explains, there is a healthy likeness and grooming we have towards ourselves that we must equally exhibit to one another hence you cannot love another person right when you have doubt, hatred, discomfort, distrust, inadequacy, and ill self-esteem. These tendencies consciously or unconsciously, frustrate and affect the progress of any dating relationship.

2. A Responsible Attitude.

 The personal responsibilities we own towards ourselves and the ability to solve these issues indicates maturity and responsibility. Being in a relationship does not excuse you from personal responsibilities that needs to be address. The usual personal issues likely to burden dating relationship are  money, and  your personal needs. Some people are just lazy and will prefer being cared for hence a reason to be in a dating relationship. Learn to be responsible for yourself rather than being beggarly and over dependent. This frustrates and destroys the beauty of relationships because we all prefer people who are asserts rather than liabilities. If you could make a difference in your personal life, you can make a difference in your relationship.

3. Ability to create your happiness and joy.

Happiness is free but it is not the case for some people. Unfortunately, people think when they find the right person for a relationship they will be happy but in actual sense, when you are happy as a person, you are more likely to meet the right person. Unhappy people turn to find their happiness with other people and as a result, cling to any relationship available to be recognize and  be happy. Such people are easily abused because they do unthinkable things just to keep their relationship if threatened with a break up. Being able to create your own happiness builds your confidence, empower you to make right, healthy choices and decision in a relationship. Able to give judgment when a relationship is abusive, no longer safe for association and free to walk away without doubt and fear of loosing your joy and sanity.

4.Pursuing your life purpose.

Purpose is the reason for your existence. Are you fulfilling purpose? Purpose cannot be achieved overnight. It’s a conscious and continuous building of ones self for a specific goal.  Ironically people have abandon their purpose, calling, gifts and the true essence of their existence. As a matter of truth, most relationships are formed in the process of pursuing purpose. Instead of waiting to be in a relationship/marriage before pursuing purpose, be smart enough to do it the reverse way. Being in a relationship is not a destination in life. Some people enter into relationships expecting to be busy only to  realize nothing is happening there and they have nothing to offer either. Build a life before a life partner. Get a job, build a business, create a club  get started with what purpose means to you. Make your life count because passion to fulfill purpose builds confidence and readiness for a relationship.  


5.Building your  character and qualities.

 It is easy to be in a dating relationship probably because of your external features, beautiful, attractive, dressing etc however it always takes a good developed character (loyalty, humility patience, respect politeness self control) to keep, enjoy, and grow in a relationship.(Proverbs 31:30- Beauty is deceiving  but a person that has character will be praised) A lot of relationships today have suffered disappointments heart breaks regret among others as a result of character flaws poor communication skills, pettiness un forgiveness, inconsistency, selfishness covetousness, rudeness, greed, anger among ill behaviors because they chose more of beauty over CHARATER.


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